• Advanced Counseling Solutions LLC
  • Advanced Counseling Solutions LLC
    is located at 9415 East Harry Street Wichita, KS. 67207 and can be contacted by calling 316-788-1664. Advanced Counseling Solutions LLC offers treatment services for Illicit Drug Addiction, Prescription Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Services for Young Adults, Dual Diagnosis, AIDS/HIV Clients, Lesbian and Gay, Over 50, Women, Men, Court Appointed Client Services
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance Through Medicaid, Insurance - Private Pay, Self Pay

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  • The elderly can metabolize and eliminate alcohol as efficiently as younger persons, but they are at increased risk for intoxication and adverse effects.
  • Early beers did have some health benefits. Sailors who drank beer avoided scurvy.
  • One of the beer commercial's favorite celebrities was Billy Martin, former manager of the New York Yankees; what was not shown was how his life was cut short by a Detroit couple headed home after binge drinking at a local bar. As they were driving home, their truck slammed into a vehicle carrying Billy Martin. Billy's head went through the windshield, his neck was fractured and he was pronounced dead 23 minutes later.
  • Strengthening drunken driving laws and increasing taxes on alcohol appear to help curb alcohol abuse in the United States according to the Lancet review.

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